Innovative Biogas Upgrading Module is at Lövsta, Sweden


biogas upgrading module NeoZeo - biomethane

NeoZeo AB has developed a new upgrading technology for cost-effective small-scale biomethane production - renewable vehicle fuel. The technology is based on Pressure Swing Adsorption. The NeoZeo's biogas upgrading plant has modular design moounted in a standart sea size container for simple transport and fit into small area. The module is now in operation at Agricultural University of Uppsala's (SLU) biogas plant, Lövsta, Sweden. During 2016, a number of opportunities for field trips will be offered.

You can download invitation with a map in pdf format here.

First possilbilities to visit the module are: 

• 6-10 of June
• 13-17 of June
• 20 of June - 5 of July

If you have any questions or you would like to book a visit, contact:

Petr Vasiliev, CEO, NeoZeo AB
phone: 076-219 97 31

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