Gasification plant in operations


After 4 months of maintenance and upgrading work, Cortus AB has now opened up its 500kW WoodRoll pilot plant in Köping, Sweden. The plant will continue in operation for Q2-Q3 to produce an ultraclean product gas suitable for methanation (or other biofuels) and CHP production. These tests are conducted as a part of the Biogas Xpose project, with the overall aim to help fulfill the European Union 2020 target for climate change, which focus at creating a competitive and resource efficient low-carbon economy with higher energy security. Biogas Xpose will demonstrate a method how the region Mälardalen can increase its production of biomethane as a renewable vehicle fuel. The approach is to utilize waste and by-products as a resource in order to produce biomethane in an economically and environmentally manner.

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