Project is nearing completion

The Biogas XPOSE project has been running for 5 years and a lot of interesting results has been achieved. In the download section can numerous reports on small scale upgrading and gasification be found.

XPOSE exhibition at BiogasTinget

The XPOSE project as well as the XPOSE partner NeoZeo was part of the exhibition in the annual national biogas conference BiogasTinget.

XPOSE partner NeoZeo's CEO receives prestigious award

Petr Vasiliev, CEO of the XPOSE partner NeoZeo, was by ÅForsks selected as one of Sweden’s most innovative entrepreneurs of 2015.

NeoZeo's small scale upgrading facility ready for tests

The full small scale upgrading module was constructed and placed at Biogas Vecsiljani farm in Latvia for tests and optimizations. The module will be moved to Sweden for further testing and public demonstrations in 2016.

Biogas in Sweden: Best practice

A report on best biogas practices in Sweden is avalible for download HERE.

New report published: Evaluation of different waste-based substrates for gasification

Cortus has published a report on evaluation of different waste-based substrates for gasification. the report can be downloaded HERE.

Database on municipal waste collection systems

Within the XPOSE project a database containing information on municipal waste collections systems and other related aspects has been constructed.

Brochure about Biogas XPOSE

A  brochure (web version) about the project Biogas XPOSE is avalible for download here.

Seminar about a bio-based society (in swedish)

The 11th of December the XPOSE-project co-host a seminar about a future bio-based society. The seminar will take place in Katrineholm, Sweden and will be in Swedish. An English summary of the conclusions from the seminar will be avalibe upon request.

Database in production

A database containing information about the various bio waste collection systems the municipalities in mideastern Sweden employs is under construction and is soon to be launched. Please contact martin.ahrne@biogasost.

First fuel test preformed

Cortus AB has successfully preformed TGA (Thermogravimetric Analysis) of several possible substrates.

Project logotype

A logotype for the project is now avalible under "dowloads".

Website under contruction

The website for the project Biogas XPOSE is under construction.

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