Vafab Miljö AB (lead partner)

Vafab Miljö AB is a local waste management company located in Västerås Sweden. The company is owned by the municipalities in Västmanland county and the municipalities Heby and Enköping in Uppsala county. Vafab Miljö works with the aim of creating conditions for long-term, sustainable, handling of waste and operates recycling units, waste stations and processing units in the region.


Biogas Öst AB

Biogas Öst is a regional non profit organization with over 35 members across the biogas sector. Biogas Öst aims to strengthen cooperation between municipalities, producers, distributors and end users of biomethane. The organization has a vast network of biogas stakeholders and the unique representation of actors from the entire biogas life cycle is reflected in the organizations steering group.


Cortus AB

Cortus AB is a Swedish company working with the development of the highly inventive technology in biomass gasification, WoodRoll, allowing energy-intensive industries to green their activities without sacrificing their productivity. Cortus ´ customers are mainly solution providers within process, power, waste management industries and potentially the transport sector. Cortus ´ technology is based upon highly thermal efficient, fuel flexible and cost effective gasification of biomass. 


NeoZeo AB

NeoZeo is a technology company that works towards solutions for high-performance biogas purification and upgrading equipment. NeoZeo was established in 2010 and has state of the art knowledge and expertise onporous materials for the separation of carbon dioxide from methane (biogas upgrading). NeoZeo derives from several years’ research in materials chemistry at Stockholm University in Sweden, a leading research environment on porousmaterials. NeoZeo has developed unique zeolite adsorbents and continues R&D to improve the performance of its gas separation technology. NeoZeo's biogas purification technology is based on pressure swing adsorption (PSA) principles and is particularly applicable to small-scale raw biogas producers e.g. farms and small towns and villages. Based on world class inventions in the preparation of durable adsorbent materials, NeoZeo has developed a cost-efficient upgrading solution to tap that great potential source of clean biogas fuel: farms and small towns, the biomethane gas wells of the future!



JTI is an industrial research institute working with research, development and information in agriculture, environment, energy production and waste management. For companies and authorities this means better data and knowledge base for decision-making, reduced environmental impact and wiser use of natural resources. JTI has been working for several years in the field of biological waste management to obtain recycling of plant nutrients and extract energy.




Örebro Regional Council

Östsam Regional Council

Uppsala Regional Council

Sörmland Regional Council

Stockholm County Council

Västmanland County Administrative Board 

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