The aim of Biogas XPOSE is to demonstrate how a region with an increased demand for bio methane can exploit new and maximize existing waste resources for sustainable biogas production through innovative technologies. The project will demonstrate how to move to the next level of biogas development in a unique holistic concept that will be demonstrated for the first time and encourage stakeholders in the EU to increase the production and consumption of bio methane  as a vehicle fuel.

The Biogas Öst region where the demonstration will take place consists of the Mid Eastern part of Sweden and the counties of Stockholm, Uppsala, Östergötland, Västmanland, Södermanland and Örebro. The region provides the ideal environment for biogas demonstration. The area holds one third of the population of Sweden, several universities, and a large amount of international visitors. The region is already internationally known for its biogas commitment and is unique regarding its high percentage of biogas in the CNG (66 % in 2012) and its distribution without a natural gas grid. Sweden ´s early adopters of bio methane  are also part of the region, the cities of Linköping and Uppsala, e.g. Linköping has replaced 7% of its vehicle fuel with bio methane . The region has ambitious climate goals and vast experience in the field of bio methane. Therefore, it is an excellent and unique environment for demonstration of innovative technologies in combination with state-of-the-art. Biogas XPOSE will take the region to the next phase of bio methane development and contribute to reaching the environmental goals of the EU and increase the knowledge about renewable fuels, sustainable development and waste management. 

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